A downloadable squiggles generator for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Perlin noise portraits

Fills your screen with squiggles. 

The squiggles are a visualization of Perlin noise, a special kind of randomness that comes in natural-looking contours.

Perlin noise is ubiquitous in generative design. Minecraft's endless landscape is noise. So is Fidenza, an artwork that recently sold for a zillion doges.

I learned this technique from Generative Design, a book I highly recommend. The application is built using Processing. Read the source code if you're curious.

Click/tapgenerate new pattern
Dragpan around inside the noise space
Space key (on desktop)save pattern as a .png
F key (on desktop)launch folder where images saved
Esc key (on desktop)exit


perlin-noise-portraits-win.zip 78 MB
Version 6 Jan 28, 2022
perlin-noise-portraits-linux.zip 4 MB
Version 4 Jan 28, 2022
perlin-noise-portraits-osx.zip 75 MB
Version 2 Jun 28, 2021
perlinnoiseportraits_android.apk 1 MB
Version 3 Jan 28, 2022

Install instructions

Windows: Find the .exe in the folder you downloaded (or just use the itch.io app). You might have to unzip the folder. Windows may ask if you trust this program. 

Mac OSX: Find the application in the folder you downloaded (or just use the itch.io app). OSX may refuse to run a program downloaded from the internet. On older versions of OSX, you can override by right-clicking the app icon, selecting open, and confirming.

Linux: You might need Java 8.

Android: Transfer the .apk to your Android device. You could do this with a USB connection to your computer or by just browsing to this page with your Android device and hitting download. Android will discourage you from running software downloaded from outside an official app store.

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